Thanks Giving has come and gone in a flash.  The countdown to Christmas has begun…who else is a little wigged out by how quickly this year has flown by?  I guess it’s as they say, “the days are slow but the years are fast”.  This has never felt more true than it does right now.   With the season though, comes cooler weather and images of  warm cozy spaces.  I’ve been especially drawn to dark richly colored rooms lately, a big departure from my usual light and bright atmospheres.  I touched on it not long ago when I wrote about Dark Moody Bedrooms so I thought we’d play with some ideas for more common living spaces.

I know that the color (or lack there of) Black is a departure for a lot of people.  It’s a risky, bold choice but seriously, how dramatic is this?  I especially love it when there are tall windows and  contrasting colors used  against it.


dark-painted-room-inspiration29 dark-painted-room-inspiration26


dark-painted-room-inspiration10 dark-painted-room-inspiration13

dark-painted-room-inspiration7 dark-painted-room-inspiration6

If black is too deep for you, what about a dark gray?  It’s a really subtle difference but not quite as dark

dark-painted-room-inspiration20 dark-painted-room-inspiration23




I especially love the way it looks as a back drop for a well laid gallery walldark-painted-room-inspiration11


Deep blues and Greens can be dramatic too

dark-painted-room-inspiration21 dark-painted-room-inspiration25

dark-painted-room-inspiration18 dark-painted-room-inspiration4


dark-painted-room-inspiration8 dark-painted-room-inspiration3

Dark colors also create an amazing effect on bookcases, really lending itself to that embracing library feel




I touched on it before but it’s important to notice why this works from a design point of view:

  •  Natural light
  • Contrasting Colors
  • Mirrors/Artwork that allow the dramatic backdrop to enhance what’s on the walls

I know the idea of going this dark is scary for a lot of people but just see at how amazing it looks!

It’s a commitment but then again, it’s just paint!   Don’t be afraid of it.

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