Happy new year, friends!  2017 is officially in full swing and with that swing comes the promise of change.  This means different things to different people, obviously.  I know for myself, after the Christmas decor is packed safely away in the attic for the next year, the little details that have gone unaddressed for the past few months become glaringly apparent.  Baseboards that need to be touched up (or in our case, applied after installing new floors right before Christmas), ceilings that need some TLC, walls that were once disguised with wreaths and garland need to be touched up.  Outside is another story.  Those lights come down and suddenly, the need for new carpentry and paint stand out more than ever!  There’s no getting around it, it’s time….

Since your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when the pull into your driveway and because many of us live in neighborhoods with associations that require us to keep up with standards  of the other homes, it’s so important to a) have a plan and b) hire someone who knows what they’re doing.   Let’s start with “A” …  Colors!!!  My favorite!    Sherwin Williams has a great tool on their website called ColorSnap which allows you to upload a photo and it will match the colors for you.  So cool, right???  So I thought I’d put together some examples of beautiful exterior color combinations just to give you a little but if inspiration.  And just to make things even more fun, I included the ColorSnap results just to show how easy it is to use.

When you use ColorSnap, it will match all of the colors in the photo which is why you’ll get that second row of colors, matching the grass, sky or other objects visible but I love this because it really allows you to see how all of the colors work together.  It also narrows down, what can often be, an intimidatingly large selection of color options.

Now, let’s talk about “B”…finding someone who can help you implement the improvements that need to be taken care of.  This isn’t just about paint, it often can involve addressing issues like dry rot, termite damage, etc.  One of the things we see A LOT of is damage to the siding surrounding the chimney.  It’s one of those areas that you just don’t see so it’s often overlooked but damage can result in leaks and structural damage down the line.  Let someone who knows what they’re doing take a look and offer you a solution.  If only I knew someone….Oh wait, I DO!

As always, give us a call for a quote and if you need help selecting colors, I’m happy to help you with options.  No matter what, we’re here to help you make your home the best it can be, something you’re proud to live in, entertain in and surround yourself with.

Here’s to 2017!  Let’s make it awesome!