If you know me at all or follow SP&G on Facebook you know how much I love painted cabinet projects.  Not just because it’s such a huge part of our business but because nothing transforms a kitchen like painting out an island or mixing in a new color scheme and getting rid of builder grade brown.  Your kitchen is the heart of the home and it should reflect the people who live there.  It should also welcome your guests because that’s where everyone hangs out anyway, right? Why not have fun with it?

So what color should you choose?  That’s obviously a matter of preference so I put together some of my favorites just to get your creative juices flowing~

You can’t go wrong, in my opinion with the classic white kitchen.  It’s clean and fresh and a great option if you don’t have a great deal of natural light.


stephens-painting-and-gutters-18stephens-painting-and-gutters-17 stephens-painting-and-gutters-16

Of course the current gray trend has made it’s way into the kitchen which looks amazing as well…









And if you’re feeling particularly colorful and fun, you may want to shoot for something like this…

stephens-painting-and-gutters stephens-painting-and-gutters-15 stephens-painting-and-gutters-2 stephens-painting-and-gutters-22


stephens-painting-and-gutters-9 stephens-painting-and-gutters-12


or this…



Me, I’m a black and white lover so this is my speed…

stephens-painting-and-gutters-13 stephens-painting-and-gutters-7

Obviously, there are additional factors that go into making these kitchens so beautiful;  Counters, back splashes, fixtures, etc. With those finishes comes a price tag.  My advice, if your cabinets are in good shape, there’s no reason to replace them when painting them is so much more affordable.  Save your money for the rest of the details!

So which one are you?  Classic white?  Modern Gray?  Spunky Colorful?  Black and White lover?

If painting your cabinets is something you’ve been considering, give us a call so we can give you a quote and even help you narrow down your color choices.  And if you haven’t already liked us on Facebook, you should!  There’s lots more coming your way!

Have a great weekend!