Remember the days of Shabby Chic?  Rachel Ashwell made an art out of granny style, vintage quilts and beautiful white interiors.  And while the vintage lover in us was swooning over feminine bedrooms and white slip covered farmhouse sofas, the guys were all, “where’s my leather chair?”    Meanwhile, the world moved forward.  Shabby Chic still has a strong following.  Some things just never go out of style but it’s a deliberate design choice that isn’t for everyone.  Fast forward to cream and brown neutrals that have given way to soft grays and rich textured walls.  And now, here we are, looking at the end of a full circle of bright white walls, minus the shabby chic furniture.  We can probably thank, in part, Joanna Gaines and her famous love of white ship lapped walls for bringing us back to the clean blank canvas of white walls.

Why do we love white?  It’s clean, it’s bright and it’s the perfect backdrop for your favorite accent colors or warm neutrals.  Some might find it austere but I find it calming and uplifting at the same time.  I don’t think you can be miserable in rooms like these:

Ironically, there are probably 1000 different shades of white.  The trick in selecting the right white is determining the feel you want (bright vs. warm) as well as what’s going into the room with it.  No matter what though, white allows for maximum light reflective value and allows for a completely clean, updated backdrop for showing off your style.

If you’re thinking of painting and would like help selecting colors (white or otherwise), give us a call!  We offer FREE color consulting with our contracts.  Consulting for a nominal fee outside of our service is also available.

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